Frequently Asked Questions

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What did we get for our investment? 

Phase 1: $1.774 million was used to renovate the Stadium Field 









During this phase, we also resurfaced the track area. The $285,00 for this work was already approved and appropriated in the Town of Shrewsbury’s Municipal budget. The work was completed once the artificial turf was in place to minimize any disruption to the new track surface.


Why couldn’t we just improve the grass? 

It was not possible to adequately improve or maintain natural grass fields to meet the demand Shrewsbury had for field space. Natural grass needs continual repair and replacement to keep the surface playable as well as “down time” to allow repairs to take hold. Bad weather, be it rain, snow or excessive heat, damages the surface requiring extra maintenance. High impact play, particularly on a field that is subject to bad weather, causes even more damage.


Our high school sports teams had severely limited access to our existing natural grass fields and youth teams were denied any access in order to protect the fields.  


Additionally, both during and after rain or snow, these fields were often closed. Many teams were bused to neighboring schools, at a significant cost to the Athletic Department, to hold games or practices on artificial turf. Improving the natural grass field would not change this situation. Artificial turf was the only solution that provided adequate access for the number of teams and athletes we have, both at the high school, and in the community.


What did the Town of Shrewsbury contribute to this project? 

The Town of Shrewsbury approved and appropriated $285,000 to fund the resurfacing of the track. 


Who benefits from this project? 

The entire community benefits from having artificial turf fields. Shrewsbury High School athletic teams and student groups have more practice time and more home games.  The high school is able to use the fields for physical education classes. Youth sports teams such as football, lacrosse and soccer, have access for home games and hosting jamborees and conferences; they will benefit financially from gate fees and concession stand profits.


What impact did high school athletic fees have on this project? 

None. Athletic fees help defray operating costs for the high school athletic program. The Municipal Town budget pays for maintenance of the athletic fields through the Parks and Recreation budget.


What type of work does it take to maintain an artificial turf field? 

Turf field maintenance is estimated to be approximately $5,000 per year. This maintenance includes:

Sweeping every 2 weeks *

Raking every 4-6 weeks *

Aerating 3 times per year *

Infill top dressing as needed

Painting of additional lines as needed

*These steps require an attachment to the current mower that will be provided as part of this project.


What does the term “infill” mean when we are talking about artificial turf? 

The infill is the material that is set in between the green blades of plastic grass to help the blades stand up.


What infill will be used in the turf field? 

Shrewsbury decided to take an environmentally friendly approach towards selecting the infill and chose an infill called Envirofill, (without microban, an antimicrobial protection  used for indoor fields).