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Meet our Fundraising Co-Chairs, Jim and Paula Buonomo:

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We are longtime residents of Shrewsbury, and, along with our children, Megan and James, are proud graduates of Shrewsbury High School.  Colonial sports have been a part of us all our lives.  Because we know the value of athletic participation, we have committed a leadership gift to this project. When completed this field will be usable all year for multiple sports for our high school athletes and community youth groups. Paula and Jim Buonomo, co-chairs Campaign for Shrewsbury Athletic Fields

 the lacrosse team [practices] inside for the first 2-3 weeks [of the season] because of the fields.  We can’t get outside because of the weather conditions. We practice on a gym floor for an hour and a half, [with] all the other spring sports teams.  We are at a disadvantage because a lot of the other schools we play against are on turf and they are outside for 2-2-1/2 hours practicing.  We can’t do all the drills we want to do inside… In the 3 years I have been playing lacrosse, I have only played Wachusett at the high school once. I’ve played them at Wachusett 5 times. We give away all those home games just to get the games in because of the weather…

Matt Ward, ’17, Captain of Lacrosse and Hockey teams,Nov 9, 2016 School Committee Meeting

 We need turf! Today's field hockey is played with much more stick skills and the players can't practice playing on grass, it's too slow.  The game has evolved into a turf game with stick skills being a much more dominant type of play. On turf, the ball [rolls] smoother and faster, increasing the girls stick skills.  The speed of the game is huge; [for the girls playing on grass fields], it’s difficult to transition onto turf fields for games.  All playoffs and championships are on turf.  

Maribeth Sciplini, Field Hockey Parent, ’20

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In addition to being a town resident, I have also been a high school football referee for 33 years.  Having worked a game there last week I can honestly say that the current field at Shrewsbury High is one of the worst varsity fields I have ever been on.  As a town resident I found it embarrassing, as an official charged with protecting the players and other participants I found its condition very concerning.  It was tough to focus on the play and the players while running down the field as I found myself looking down frequently to make sure I wasn’t going to step in a hole or on a sprinkler head and twist an ankle or tear up a knee.  In order to properly officiate a game at any level one must focus on the play and players 100% of the time.  The conditions currently at the high school do not allow for that. 

Tom McCarthy, Bigelow Nurseries, letter to School Committee, Nov 7, 2016



One of the biggest disadvantages during the season is the huge dirt patch in front of the net.  I know with all the bumps in front of the net, the ball can get misdirected and directed in different directions and can lead to accidental goals which could have been prevented had the surface been flat. Colleges also like to see teams that come from turf and not from grass because they think that [if you play] on a grass field you are at a disadvantage.

Lillian McManus, ’18, Captain of Field Hockey team, Nov 9, 2016 School Committee Meeting

As the Assistant Town Manager/Finance Director for the Town of Ashland, MA from 2006-12, I was intimately involved in the transformation of an existing grass field into a turf field, as well as the development of an athletic complex for the High School which included a multi-purpose turf field.  Both projects were widely supported by the community, and are viewed with a sense of pride by all those involved in their creation and use.  Shrewsbury has first-class athletic programs at the High School.  Shouldn’t they have first-class fields to play on?  Please support the efforts to add the turf fields to the High School Complex.

Mark & Christine Purple,  parents of  SHS Varsity Soccer player