About The Campaign

In November 2016, the Shrewsbury School Committee approved a recommendation to replace the Stadium Field at Shrewsbury High School with a synthetic turf field, repave the surrounding track and make other general repairs to the field area.  This work will benefit our entire community, including over 1,800 students and athletes at Shrewsbury High School and over 3,000 children who participate in our community youth sports programs.


Repairing the Stadium Field is the first step of a three-phase project that will eventually install synthetic turf on the lower high school field and add lighting, seating and an amenities building to the complex for additional restrooms and storage.  


The Campaign for Shrewsbury Athletic Fields raised the funds for Phase 1 of this project, the Stadium Field.  The total cost for this work on the Stadium Field area is just over $2 million.  The Town of Shrewsbury approved and appropriated $285,000 to fund the resurfacing of the track.  The remaining $1,774,000 was raised through private donations from individuals and companies.  


(The following video was created by students from the Shrewsbury High School Educational Television Studio.)

Donations still being accepted!



One of the biggest disadvantages during the football season is the huge dirt patch in front of the net.  I know with all the bumps in front of the net, the ball can get misdirected and directed in different directions and can lead to accidental goals which could have been prevented had the surface been flat. Colleges also like to see teams that come from turf and not from grass because they think that [if you play] on a grass field you are at a disadvantage.

Lillian McManus, ’18, Captain of Field Hockey team, Nov 9, 2016 School Committee Meeting

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Campaign for Shrewsbury Athletic Fields, by Jon Wensky,

Vice Chair of the School Committee.